We focus on the overall development of the child.  All kinds of learners are addressed in their way.  We follow thematic approach of learning. The engaging lessons and meaningful activities develop the pathways of compassion. We let the children to walk around and look for the beauty of nature and embrace life. When children see beauty in little things, they see the same in themselves.

Circle time

Every day starts with a circle time where child stands along with the teacher. Each child greets the child next standing next to him or her. The teacher begins a conversation to encourage the literacy and social skills of children. We give more emphasize on children’s behavior and life skills.

Literacy and Numeracy

Children are introduced to literacy in a happy way through music, stories.…  They develop comprehensive understanding through various multisensory activities. Numerical skills are generally taught through games.

  • Recognise letters and sounds of the alphabet
  • Develop comprehension skills through multi-sensorial experiences
  • Expand their use of spoken vocabulary
  • Tell and re-tell stories confidently
  • Write own name and 3 & 4 letter words (guided penmanship)

Music and Movement

Music is an integral part of our curriculum. Music is the biggest magic that the child will experience. Moving the body to the rhythm brings happiness to the soul and the child tends to be more engaged and will learn better. It also enhances and develops the cognitive ability of a child.

Nature bound campus. It has its beauty of its own.